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Maintaining boundaries to your property is important, not only to define where your land starts and stops, but also to contribute to the whole aesthetic of your garden. There are plenty of options available; from the contemporary straight lines of a cedar slatted panel fence to a rustic brick wall or the softer lines afforded by hedging plants. Here at Valley Projects we have many years of experience in enhancing boundary lines. This can be installing fences and gates, constructing brick and stone feature & retaining walls and planting hedges as part of the wider landscaping package. If you are looking to improve your boundaries or would like to discuss as part of a larger landscaping project within Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire we would be delighted to help.

Stone walling and bespoke gates provide security and rustic charm to the side of this property

This green fence adds a fun splash of colour in this interactive play area

Automated gates and open fencing create a pleasing entrance to this property

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