About us.

In 1980 we began creating outdoor spaces.
A lot has changed since then, but our values remain:


We put honesty above everything else in business.  We are proud to have a reputation of being trustworthy both individually and as a company.


If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly.  We don't cut corners, we insist on doing things right so they stand the test of time.


We're most relaxed when enjoying the great outdoors. But beyond that our work is to encourage our clients to get out more too - by creating inspirational outdoor spaces.


Our Team

Left to Right: Chris Page, Harry Gauntlett, John Gauntlett, Dean Gauntlett, Mark Jordan


John Gauntlett, Founder

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Chris Page, Purchasing

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Dean Gauntlett, Sales Director

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Mark Jordan, Projects


Harry Gauntlett, Operations

Our Mission

Outdoors for life.

With the rise of urban living and technology, people are spending more and more time indoors. 

The health implications of this lifestyle are worrying. Studies have shown that so called “nature deficit disorder” can lead to negative moods or reduced attention span. Children are particularly vulnerable. It’s important that they put down the Xbox and get outdoors to breath the fresh air and exercise. 

We believe in getting outdoors for life. It’s why we love both working outside ourselves and creating outdoor spaces for others to enjoy.


Almost 60% more children are classified as “severely obese” in their last year of primary school than in their first year.

Between work, the commute, cooking and cleaning, watching television, connecting on social media, we’re spending an average of 90% of our time indoors.



We love to be able to give. Every year as a business we make regular donations to various charitable causes including:

  • Non-government emergency services such as the Air Ambulance & RNLI

  • Disaster relief

  • Child care

  • Disability support

  • Essential medical research


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